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ADO Query Executer Movie Browser Tic, Tac, Toe Flowchart Programmer

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DeBigBos - News

2013-09-09 - Added development corner section
Development corner section was added to DeBigBos's homepage. First item in this section is Certifications, where there will be logos of all DeBigBos's hard earned certifications. You can look at Certifications section here.

2013-04-19 - DeBigBos joined GoodSync's affiliate program
Today, DeBigBos joined GoodSync's affiliate program to help distribute GoodSync. GoodSync is an excellent product to help you backup your data to various destinations (network, ftp, amazon s3, g-drive, etc.). Try it now!

2012-03-12 - Flowchart Programmer 1.3.9. release!
Today we released Programmer 1.3.9. The bug that caused a crash when creating new project, was fixed. Project menu was added to Flowchart Programmer and stability was improved in current version. We expect to release new version soon.

2012-02-12 - Added new application - Flowchart Programmer page is richer for brand new application called "Flowchart Programmer". Flowchart Programmer is a software program for creating and executing diagram type programs. It's available for all mayor desktop operating systems.

2011-09-14 - page updated & ADOQE new version page was updated with some text added (in ADOQE FAQ section). Also there was an update to ADOQE application with reference to manual within main menu.

2011-08-29 - page updated page was updated with few minor bugs corrected and some text changed. Plans are being made for developing ADOQE in .NET environment. DotNET version will require .NET framework be installed on a machine that runs ADOQE.NET.

2011-07-23 - site launched
Today, DeBigBos site was launched and put to use out on the internet. I hope you find some useful stuff here, if not, google some more ;) Anyway, hope you enjoy my site and write me, if you have any comments, complaints, information, etc. Thank you for all your suggestions in advance.

2011-07-13 - development started
Today, the development of page has started. Also there were some manuals that had to be written so launching the page wasn't really a one day job. But, as they say that hope dies last, there is still hope that page will be launched ASAP. At first it probably won't have much to offer (besides initial applications that were used to even get bothered with starting up a page), but in time more and more content will be added to page, some of it even with your suggestions.
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