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ADO Query Executer Movie Browser Tic, Tac, Toe Flowchart Programmer

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ADO Query Executer

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Quick info:

ADO Query Executer (in short ADOQE) is a 32-bit Windows application, used to execute queries on ODBC or OLEDB compatible databases (all major db vendors, e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, MySQL, Postgre, etc.).
It's main virtue is ease of use and instalation-free use of the application. Just download it and run queries against compatible databases. It does not, however, have so many options as tools that are shipped with specific databases (e.g. SQL Server Management Studio). It should run on all Windows platforms (even 64-bit), as long as there is MDAC installed on computer. It was tested with Windows XP 32-bit and Windows 7 64-bit. You can find MDAC on Microsoft homepage.
Below is a image of default ADOQE window:
ADO Query Executer Screenshot
Click on image for larger view

More information about ADOQE you can find here. You can also download executable and documentation at the top of this page.

Features of ADOQE:

  • No install, just download and run
  • Support for ODBC and OLEDB databases, which are supported by all major database vendors
  • Execute SQL statements and export data to CSV with custom delimiter
  • Save your scripts for tasks that are done periodically
  • Option of exporting data based on SQL query (approx. 2000rps - records per second) without putting too much pressure on memory
  • Very useful when you don't have any database tool at disposal and you're not allowed to install one (or don't have instalation at your hand; e.g. at your customer's site)
  • Coloring of SQL statements as in many database tools available with other databases (SQL Server Management Studio, TOAD, etc.)
  • Best of all: it's FREE for personal AND commercial use
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